This history making game is “…like UNO, except there are goats, magical enchiladas, and kittens that can kill you,” according to CNN. And “An out of control monster that will redefine the social gatherings of an entire generation of nerds,” says The Register. Exploding Kittens is a fast and frenetic game that requires skill, tactical thinking and a lot of luck. Exploding Kittens is a card game unlike any other. It is a mix of Russian Roulette, basic card games and high skill thinking. This hugely popular game is captivating millions of players around the world and is breaking sales records.

Exploding Kittens: The BeginningExloding Kittens

In 2015, Elan Lee, Shane Small and famous illustrator The Oatmeal (Mathew Innman) launched a Kickstarter fund to get their new game idea off the ground. They were looking for $10,000 in funding. In less than a month, people had donated almost 9 million to the fund.  Crowd funding is a truly democratic way that gamers, or anyone else, can get projects made.  In the case of Exploding Kittens, the crowd knew what they liked and voted with their dollars, making this not only the most funded game in Kickstarter history, but the most-backed Kickstarter project on record! With hoards of excited players, this game defines the word ‘popular,’ why not join the fun?

How to Play

The unique artwork and fiendish game play are just two of the reasons that Exploding Kittens is already one of the world’s top selling games. It’s best suited to four or five players, but this can be stretched to nine, by shuffling in a second deck.  Players are dealt a selection of cards, and then they take turns drawing one card at a time from the central draw pile. They then play their cards before placing them into a discard pile.

The basic premise of the game is that there is a deck of different cards, including some ‘exploding kitten’ cards; if you draw one of these, you ‘explode’ and are out of the game. But wait! You can prevent this result by playing a ‘defuse’ card if you have one. If you successfully manage to stay in the game this way, you can re-insert the exploding kitten card into a secret position in the deck. This way, you can set traps for the other players so that they will draw the exploding kitten card and lose the game. The last person who remains un-exploded wins!

Exloding Kittens CardsThe Cards

This game comes with a deck of 56 cards, all of which feature quirky illustrations by The Oatmeal. This is ordinary deck, either. Apart from the ‘exploding cat’ and ‘defuse’ cards, you have action cards like the ‘future’ card, which allows you to peek at the next three cards in the deck before making your play. The ‘nope’ card cancels out any sabotage aimed at you by your opponents.  You can play action cards before you draw from the draw pile. Collect cards like the ‘taco cat’ card; when you have two or more of the same card, you can use them to steal your opponents’ cards – hopefully you’ll manage to pinch a ‘defuse’ card to help keep you alive!

Who Should Play This Game?

The great thing about this game is that anyone can play it. Children and adults alike can learn to avoid ‘exploding.’ This game is suitable for anyone over the age of six. Play this game with your kids. Exploding Kittens demonstrates that a family-friendly game can be fun for both children and their parents. Grown-ups out there would agree that you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this game. Break out a deck at your next party to turn the night into a hoot. This chaotic game is spontaneous and fast-paced enough for kids. With the added dimension of tactical thinking and scheming against your opponents, which should satisfy more developed minds.

Exploding Kittens is one of the most unique and entertaining games around. From the artwork to the concept to the mischievous game play, it oozes a quirky sense of fun.  Completely unpredictable, this game stays fresh and exciting for every round. It doesn’t matter how many cards you have, or which cards you collect, if you get that exploding kitten …you’re dead! So join the fun with your friends and family, and see who draws the ‘exploding kitten’!

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