How do you go about choosing the Best Game Night Snacks?

The goal of game night snacks is not to have a well-balanced meal (that’s why it is “game night Snacks” and not “game night Dinner”) and, honestly, it’s probably not to have a healthy night of eating. The objective here is to have good food that you can enjoy with your friends or family without getting your hands too dirty to properly hold the cards or play the game. No one wants to own a Monopoly game with someone’s Cheeto-residue left on the pieces.


Are you serving alcohol? Here’s the thing on that:

If you know that no one has a drinking problem and will all act like adults then go for it. However, if you know that someone has a problem with it or has had a problem in the past then it’s best to not even go there. It’s just going to make someone uncomfortable or, worse, you are going to end up with a belligerent drunk that insists on driving home and you are going to have to be the bad guy. Unless you feel comfortable telling your guests that you are going to take their keys and allowing them to sleep there (which means you have to serve breakfast also), or you can call a cab to get them home.

If you decide to do it then ok but, obviously, be sure and offer some that aren’t alcoholic.

Wine: If you know something about wine then go for it. I do not. At all.

Beer: unless you know 100% that people like beer then this isn’t an option. There are so many different kinds now (and what is up with pumpkin and raspberry beer? Who put fruit in beer?) and there are some people that just don’t like beer.

Cold weather: Hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps.

Warm weather: Sangria or margaritas.

Peach sangria:

  • 1 cup peach schnapps;
  • A couple of peaches; and
  • 1 bottle white wine.

Pour it into a pitcher. Done.

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Are you going to to the store for your game night snacks or are you making them yourself?

Obviously homemade is the preferred way but life gets in the way of plans sometimes. If you are going to do store bought, then the grocery store is the way to go in my opinion. You buy the trays of vegetables with ranch dressing that are available in the deli, get some cheeses and crackers (all grocery stores have fancy cheese sections now it seems), open a container of hummus, and put out some cookies or cupcakes for the “dessert.” If you are really fancy then you put some grapes on the cheese plate or some figs. I don’t know why people this makes the cheese plate dressier but it does.

Is it perfect? Nope and neither is life. Your guests will be glad that you invited them over and they won’t leave the house wondering why you didn’t make them homemade goodies you found on Pinterest.

Or you can go homemade. It’s more work, but it is cheaper and you can offer things that the guests can do themselves and they can adjust the snacks to their own tastes.

Here are some ideas for some homemade game night snacks:

Pigs in a Blanket

Buy a pack of Little Smokies and some crescent roll dough. Cut the crescent roll dough in half – after you have opened it. Wrap the smokies with the rolls and bake until they are done. No, I don’t know how long. I know what temperature. 350° F. It’s always 350° and I don’t know why;


Buy a package of ciabatta rolls, some pizza sauce, (note – pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce are not the same thing) and a variety of toppings and cheeses. Everyone can design their own pizza with their specified toppings and you can cook them in the oven or the toaster. Bonus points for catering to “picky eaters” and those with allergies if you do this one;

Crock-Pot Queso

It’s messy so it may be best to serve it before the games are actually being played. And, try as you might, there will always be that person – drunk or sober – who will eat it while you are playing the games even though the rule has been established that “this is now the part of the evening that you can’t eat messy foods. But that person is your friend, or your family, that you love. And they are funny and make for a good evening. You know the recipe, right?

  • Velveeta Cheese – the whole big block of it;
  • Two cans Rotel – spice level depends on your taste; and
  • A can of Cream of Mushroom soup.

Yes, I know that a lot of people don’t like mushrooms. Here is a secret: they won’t know there are mushrooms in there. The Rotel is chunky enough that they won’t be able to tell the difference. And people aren’t allergic to mushrooms (I’m sure some are.) They just don’t like them so they tell you they are allergic to get you to quit trying to make them eat mushrooms. Yes, it makes a difference and no, I don’t know why. But, for some reason, it’s better with the soup;


Not the cookies. The savory kind. Oh, so good and oh so easy (and one of the best game night snacks ever). I don’t have an exact recipe but this is how I have made them. First, go ahead and take the cream cheese out of the refrigerator now because, and unless you are supremely organized you will forget this step and you can’t microwave it like you can when you forget to take the butter out:

  • Tortillas – the big ones. I guess you could do the flavored kind also;
  • Cream Cheese – the block of it;
  • Salsa – your preference;
  • Taco Seasoning Mix;
  • Ranch Dressing Mix;
  • Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt (because you might as well throw something healthy in there).

Take out the tortillas and spread the mixture on the tortillas THE NIGHT BEFORE the party. Then roll up the tortilla like a burrito and put it in the refrigerator so it can chill and you can cut it. When you take it out you cut the tortilla so that it makes rolls like pinwheels I suppose. It’s surprisingly good and so easy.

You could get really fancy and make all the new stuff or try and be healthy but that’s not Game Night or Game Night Snacks (or if it is then it’s not the Best snacks for Game Night.) Game night is about good friends, family, and comfort. I would be sure and ask about allergies to food The main goal is to enjoy the time you spend with the people you have in your life because at the end of the day that is what matters.

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(Disclaimer. I have put Cream of Mushroom soup in queso for years and no one has ever died. But I do not want to google “death of mushroom allergy” because I prefer to not know. You should or keep an Epi-Pen handy. I am not responsible for any queso related mushroom deaths.)

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