Game On: Game Night Invitations

You’re ready to have an epic game night. You’ve picked out some of your best games. All you need are some players to join you. The first step in creating the perfect game night is to send out invitations. Sending out invites to your game night guests will make your friends and family feel special and help you stay organized and prepared for the game night fun. But, where do you start? Should you send an email invite? Should you send a formal mailed invitation? What information should be included? We’ll take a look at all the essentials to help you send out game night invitations for your next game night.

It’s in the Post: Types of Game Night Invitations

Whether it’s a family affair or a group of friends playing games, you’ll want to think about the type of invite you want to send. The type of invitation you send out really depends on who you’re inviting, how formal or informal the game night is, and how many people you’re inviting. Here are a few different types of game night invitation types.

  • Mailed Invitation: Though not as common now, you can always send out a mailed invitation. Mailing an invitation adds a bit of personal touch and are great, especially for children and families. But, going old school with a mailed invitation can have its disadvantages. If you’re hosting a game night and need RSVPs from guests soon, you may experience some delays if your invitation doesn’t arrive in time. We recommend that you mail out any invitations in the post well in advance. We recommend this type of invitation for children’s game parties or family friendly game parties.
  • Email: It can’t get any easier than sending out an email invite. Keep it simple or add in some extra info. You can send out a personal invitation to your guests via a group email or individually. It’s great for informal game nights or last minute ones too. That’s because an email can be delivered quickly. And, most people read their email several times a day and should get it in time. If you need to keep track of RSVPs or what types of snacks or food your guests are bringing to the game night, you’ll either have to track this individually or create your own system for keeping track. We recommend this type of invitation for informal, last minute, or small game nights.
  • Online Invitation Service: If you are hosting a larger game night, consider using an online service like Evite. Online invitation services are perfect at keeping track of your game night RSVPs and other information — all in one place. You can also send out automatic reminders and other info to your guests too. Plus, you can easily personalize your invite with cool templates, like this one from Evite. We recommend this type of invitation if you are hosting a large game night or have a lot of game night information to share with your guests and keep track of.
  • Online Calendar Invite: Go low-key and no frills with a basic calendar invitation. This can be a good way to keep track of your game night on your email calendar, and you can easily add or remove guests to the list. You can even include a basic invitation to the calendar invite to keep everything in one place. But, this may not work well for everyone — especially if they don’t use the same email service that you do. We recommend this type of invitation for smaller game nights that include a group of people with the same or similar email account services.

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It’s the Details: What to Include in a Game Night Invitation

Now that you’ve decided how you want to send your game night invitation, let’s take a look at what you should include in the invitation itself. Here are the essentials you’ll want to include:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Game Night Information, such as specific games being played

In addition to the essentials, don’t forget to include some other important details to make your game night successful and fun for everyone. Some other things you’ll want to include in your invitation are:


Let your guests know if there’s a game night theme. Does this include costumes? Should they bring food or beverages that are themed? Are there specific games they should bring? Letting your guests know the theme helps them get excited and prepared for a fun-filled game night.

Kid Friendly or Adults Only

Do make sure to let your guests know if your game night is family friendly or not. If kiddos are not invited, be sure to let your guests know so that they can make sure to arrange for childcare for their little ones. Or, if it’s kiddo friendly, be sure they know they can bring the whole family.

Game Night Invitation

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Food and Drink

If you’re planning on any game night snacks or food, let your guests know if they need to bring anything. If you’re supplying food, it’s always a good idea to ask your guests if they have any special dietary needs, like food allergies, so you can prepare ahead of time too.

What to Expect

Give your guests a heads up about what to expect during game night. There’s nothing worse than feeling a bit bamboozled by a game you’re not prepared to play or unconformable with. Let them know if they’re playing short games or long ones, or if there are any other gaming expectations.

Game Night Invitations: The Perfect Start to Your Ultimate Game Night

With a few easy tips and strategies, you can send out the perfect game night invitation. Game night invitations help you keep track of all the essentials. And, it will make your guests feel special. Want to make your game night even better? Check out our articles on Planning a Game Night Party for Family and Friends and Choosing the Best Game Night Snacks for even more game night inspiration.

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