Guess Who? Board Game Review

This is the same Guess Who? Board Game that has been around for 20+ years, although the pictures have been updated. At a price of $16.94, this is a game that has received 4 stars out of 5 from purchasers and reviewers on It is #75 out of “Toys and Games” and #7 in Board Games.

Guess Who? comes with:

  • Two plastic game units;
  • 48 Small Face Cards;
  • Deck of 24 mystery face Cards; and
  • Illustrated Instructions.

Dimensions are:

  • 10 x 12.5 x 2 inches and Weight of 1.31 pounds.

It’s the game where you have a plastic “holder” that holds all the character’s faces and you ask the other player questions to determine who the other person has for their “mystery person.” You ask determining questions, such as “Are they bald?” and “Do they have blue eyes?” and you eliminate people based on the description. When you are down to one or two faces left then you Guess Who? If you are the first person to guess the other person’s mystery person you win.

What ages is Guess Who? good for:

It says that the game is for players 6+ or for those 5-15. I remember playing this game when I babysat when I was 17 and, either I was incredibly mature for 17, or I was playing with eight-year-olds. I think it’s a good game for those 10 and under but probably not for those who are over 13. Note – it does say that it is not for those under three because of small parts that could be a choking hazard.

I have a three-year-old and I have thought about getting her this for her birthday in June. However, now that I have seen it I remember that there is a deck of cards and you know what is crappy about games with pieces and three-year-olds – missing pieces. If my child were more organized, I would get it for her. I also think it would be a great game for kids in the car and long trips. Especially if you have two kids under ten who are around the same age or intellectual level.

What do the reviewers say:

There appears, based on the reviews of those who have purchased the game, to have been some complaints in the years 2015 and 2016 regarding the quality of plastic and the fact that the game breaks easily. The manufacturer of this game is Winning Moves Games, and not HASBRO as the original was. There were complaints as recently as November 2016 about plastic breaking, poor quality pictures, and the rows not lining up correctly. However, the most recent purchasers give this game four or five stars, although one did say that the plastic was of lesser quality.

Most of the complaints seemed, at first glance, to be about the plastic holder which would be irritating to me; however, upon a more thorough review of the reviews, the major problem is the pictures. The original had cardboard pictures that fit inside a plastic holder and the pictures, while not of attractive people necessarily, were clear and very easy to describe. This version has pictures with, as one reviewer said “the print quality is poor to the point it interferes with the game” and “black appears as black on the board images and as brown on the cards…my children unintentionally give the incorrect answers leading to frustrating results.” So, before you purchase this version you should know that you might have children arguing over who is lying when no one is intentionally lying.

You should know that there are multiple versions of this game. The original can be purchased on as well: There is also a Marvel Comics editionas well as a Disney Princess Edition.

Would I purchase Guess Who? The Board Game:

Possibly. If I were going on a road trip then I would consider buying this, especially if I had more than one child. Also, the reviewers have been posting four and five-star reviews since November of 2016 and if that continues, then I will probably be buying it for her birthday. I would purchase the original version (which you can find the link to in the above paragraph) for any child who is learning how to described colors and people. And I remember the eight-year-olds I babysat loved that game so I’d purchase Guess Who? for any child between four and ten.

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I really liked the Guess Who? of the 80s and 90s and I think it’s a good way to teach kids about using adjectives and “using their words” – I say that so many times a day I feel bad for my Mother.


Good for road trips, teaches kids to “use their words,” can be endless fun – for the child.


Can be very tiresome for adults, the game never changes, poor materials would make me consider buying another version of the same game.

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