Pandemic Board Game Review

A review of Pandemic Board Game available at for $27.77. It is rated 4.7 out of five stars on and is the #9 seller in Board Games. It’s a game for two to four players and is an updated version of the popular “co-operative” game.


  • 6 x 12 x 1.7 inches; Weight – 2.29 pounds.

I will be honest and tell you that I had never heard about this game before this. However, after reading the description I will tell you that I’m intrigued.

What is “Pandemic” about:

The description reads:

“Four diseases have broken out in the world and it is up to a team of specialists in various fields to find cures for these diseases before mankind is wiped out. Players must work together playing to their characters’ strengths and planning their strategy of eradication before the diseases overwhelm the world with ever-increasing outbreaks. For example, the Operation Specialist can build research stations which are needed to find cures for the diseases. The Scientist needs only 4 cards of a particular disease to cure it instead of the normal 5. But the diseases are out-breaking fast and time is running out: the team must try to stem the tide of infection in diseased areas while also towards cures. A truly cooperative game where you all win or you all lose.”

Sounds Like Fun

Which sounds kind of fun to me. It’s definitely for an older crowd as the instructions can be confusing. Some of the commenters said that it took them a couple of games before it clicked for them. Although they also said that an eight-year-old could be introduced to the game and a ten-year-old would understand it decently. It’s apparently a second version of the original game, although the changes are minor (clarification of rules, and art.) Two new roles have been added since the first edition, a Contingency Planner, and a Quarantine Specialist. The company is planning to release an expansion pack for the original game.

It reminds me of Risk from the 80s and 90s which, honestly, I never did grasp fully (except you could not hold onto China and expand to the Middle East) but I know that you should “never get into a land war in Asia when death is on the line (see The Princess Bride movie.) However, this sounds more fun that Risk to me. Maybe that’s because I like science and medicine, but the reviews on this are funny.

What the reviewers say about Pandemic:

Kyle says that even though they only play with four epidemics he feels like he is at an AA meeting “Hi my name is Kyle…I…I…suck at Pandemic.” But the review that sealed the deal for me was by Patrick. He had to quit watching football on Sunday because there were kids dying in Istanbul or Constantinople. Sadly, poor Patrick and his wife kept getting interrupted by their actual kids because their real kids were hungry and Patrick didn’t have time for that. “Now isn’t a good time, because Daddy is building a research center and then has to fly to meet Mommy in Milan.”

Playing Together

Apparently, Pandemic is a “co-operative” game means that the players work together to cure the four diseases. Players are also able to increase the difficulty as they get to know the game better. In the beginning levels, you move around the world to treat diseases, build research centers, and cure disease. As you increase the difficulty, you are placed more on the defense than the offense. You are more concerned with containing the disease than curing the disease.

Pandemic Board Game

The “Problem”

One of the only problems that reviewers have mentioned is that some of the games do not come with a line connecting São Paulo and Lagos, which is annoying but not a total deal breaker. Realistically, grab a marker and draw a line on the board. However, if you contact the manufacturer, Z-Man Games, they will replace it. BUT, and this is where Z-Man loses points with me, they are apparently slow to respond to customers’ emails and slow to replace the game. I do not enjoy dealing with companies that do not provide decent customer service. In fact, I tend to boycott them. Loudly. But, I don’t know if it’s a deal breaker for me yet.


In my opinion, Pandemic is a game that would be enjoyable although there are pros and cons:


Family-friendly game yet still exciting enough to play with adults, co-operative, fun to play, challenging, never gets boring as new scenarios are always happening – outbreaks of diseases etc.


There might not be a line connecting São Paulo and Lago.



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