Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition is a hilarious new game that is creating laughter the world over. This is a great game for adults, children, family and friends. Using the authentic Watch Ya’ Mouth cards and mouth guards, you and your friends can enjoy hours of side-splitting fun. The family edition pack provides good, clean fun that is suitable not just for adults, but for young children, too. This is one of the few games that can really be enjoyed by the whole family.Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition

Not only is this a great new game, it has also become a YouTube sensation with friends recording their game play and posting it online. You can watch hours of hilarious videos and see the fun they’re having. This is just one more of the dimensions to this rave-reviewed game. Although there are many copies around, this is the original and authentic game.

The original idea for the game came from the movie “The Boss”. The hilarious dentist office scene which had movie goers roaring with laughter was the base idea for this inventive, competitive game. The company got funding through Kickstarter and was soon a big hit in the gaming world.

How to Play Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition

Learning to play Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition is so easy that you can get started within minutes. The game play is so simple that even young children can play competitively against adults. You place the specially made mouth piece in your mouth and play against the timer to try and get your teammates to understand what phrase you’re saying. The phrases are on the cards and you have one minute to make you friends understand you.

This is a team game, so choose your partner wisely. With two or more teams, Watch Ya’ Mouth is great fun and can include lots of players.

The Kit

The Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition comes complete with adult size cheek retractors (dental grade mouthpieces) and child size retractors. 143 high quality phrase cards and a timer complete the set.

The specially designed mouth guards are dishwasher and boiling-water safe, so they are easy to clean and hygienic. They are both FDA (food-quality) and CE certified. Watch Ya’ Mouth has 6 medium size mouth guards (for most mouths) and 4 small sizes (ideal for children). Their design is made to balance comfort, safety and usage.

The phrase cards are laminated and color-coded so they can be easily mixed and shuffled. The phrases are fun tongue twisters such as “My task is to fire the beetle” and “A black fly flew in my mouth”. There is also a one minute egg-timer which you have to try and beat.

Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition BackThe Fun Behind Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition

The hilarious phrases in Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition range between two and ten words. They are a mix of funny, odd and diverse phrases that will ensure maximum difficulty and fun. Although most cards are written by the Watch Ya Mouth team, some are submitted by the public through their website.

The game play is fast and furious. Players race to guess the phrase correctly before the timer runs out.


Expansion Packs

There are many expansion packs available, both online and from the shops. Expansion packs include an adult edition, extra card packs and the new ad lib pack. Also available are free to download extra cards from the company website. To get the extra cards, you simply go to the site and download their free PDFs for printing. Or you and your friends can challenge each other with tricky tongue twisters.You can also buy extra mouth guards to expand the amount of players. And of course, share the fun!


If you are looking for good, clean family fun, the Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition is really a surefire hit. The game contains everything you and your family and friends need to have great fun in a competitive and fun modern day Charades. Whether you want to play at afternoon barbecue or at an evening drinks party, this is the perfect game for any occasion. Check out the mass of Watch Ya’ Mouth videos online and see what all the chatter is about. Make your own videos to share with family and friends and be part of the fast growing craze.



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