Need Some Exciting Games for the Big Kids?

So your grown up friends are coming over for dinner and drinks and you want to plan a great game night for them. We will help you out by sharing some of our favorite choices of great board games for adults.  What you will quickly notice is that these games are not for your typical boring night of playing Monopoly.  After all, Your goal is for everyone to have a good time right?  We can almost guarantee that all of these games will keep your friends talking for weeks.  These 5 games are all highly entertaining and challenging in their own unique way and will be able to keep you and your friends entertained for hours whenever you play.

5 Great Board Games for Adults


5. Mysterium

Starting out on our list of 5 great board games for adults is a really fun game called Mysterium.  To begin with, you should be aware that this is a cooperative game where you and your friends play together and win or loose as a team. Furthermore, while one of you plays as the ghost, the rest of your group of friends will play as members of the team of psychic investigators trying to get to the bottom of the crime committed and solve it. While play, as each game night passes, the investigators will be met with a vision from the ghost that they need to decipher. The ghosts visions are their clues that are meant to help them solve the crime.  You will find this to be a great game for two to 7 players who would prefer to have fun working together instead of competing against each other.  Mysterium provides some really great stories for a board game and continuous playing time with it’s high replayability.  Just be warned, you may find you need some ramp up time to understand the rules.

4. Sheriff of Nottingham

Unlike Mysterium, in the Sheriff of Nottingham, the goal is to compete against your friends and get the Sheriff to let you past the gate by using bluffs, cons, and other potentially nefarious or, dare I say it, honest methods. Everyone takes turns playing the Sheriff while the other players pick one of the various merchants available to try and find their own way path past the gates to wealth.  This can be a very highly entertaining game full of laughs as three to five players who have an hour available to play try to deal, cheat, and negotiate there way into town.  So how do you plan on getting past the Sheriff of Nottingham?

3. Codenames

Another one of our great board games for adults, Codenames can be a challenging social word game that is easy to learn and a lot of fun to play together with your friends.  To begin with, all of the players are divided into two teams as they try to guess each others code names.  However they need to use one word clues along with all the words that are presently lain out on the table.  However, if you would prefer to work together as one team, Codenames can oblige you and your freinds since it includes a co-op variation.  So you and your friends can choose to play together or competed against each other in team making this game a very flexible option to have in your collection.  The ideal number of players for this game is 4 players but you can play with over 8 friends and still have a very good time.  One of the best things about Codenames is that the play time is fairly quick with the typical time taking 15 minutes.  Just beware of the assassin.

2. Pandemic

On the more family friendly side of our list, Pandemic is a cooperative board game where you and your friends will all work together to figure out how you can contain and provide a cure for 4 diseases as they try and spread around the world.  Where all the fun comes in is when you and three of your closest friends learn how to work together while trying to figure out a way to contain the outbreaks of disease and come up with a cure in time to save the world.  You and your friends discover how to win or loose as a team. Depending on you friends interact and work together, you may find winning to be much harder than you would expect.  A typical game of Pandemic can takes an hour or so to play so it’s a great option for some evening entertainment at home.

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1. Cards Against Humanity

At the top of our list of 5 great board games for adults is the infamously hilarious Cards Against Humanity.  If you and your friends have a good sense of humor while not being easily offended, you will find that this game can provide you with an amazingly entertaining and hilarious evening with ease.  Cards Against Humanity is a very simple game to learn and is extremely easy to play so it won’t take a lot of time or effort for the laughs to begin rolling in.  What makes this card game even better is that Cards Against Humanity can support as many people as you want and feel comfortable with.  To add even more players, all that is needed is for you to make the deck larger by combining other decks and expansions into one giant game deck.  In addition to adding players, game time can be controlled by structuring the rules and number of players. so feel free to play as long or as fast as everyone wants to. If you and your friends are not overly sensitive, this is an awesome game to share with them and should be readily available in your game closet at all times.

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Before You Leave

While there are plenty of choices on the market these days, you can’t go wrong by choosing one of these great board games for adults.  No matter which amazing game you choose, you are in for a great night of laughs and fun with all your friends.  Just make sure you don’t forget set out your game night snacks and scroll on down to the comments section to share any thoughts and suggestion you may have with all of us.

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