Best Board Games for Adults: Organizing a Game Evening

Many things in life are called by different names, but they are in fact games for adults. There comes a time when an adult needs to relax after a hard day by playing some adult games. The board games for adults are different from children games because they require more focus and knowledge. As for the fun, it should be equal. Take a look at the best board games for adults and have as much fun as you had as a child.

Isn’t it great when you host a game time and invite some of your favorite friends over. There is no possibility of the night ending boring. With board games, the atmosphere is always fun, interactive and sometimes there is even something to learn out of it.

Board Games for Adults Cards Against HumanityCards Against Humanity

This game is not intended for a group of people who doesn’t know each other. This is not a recommendation; it is more of a warning, so that your night stays relaxed and funny. Instead of losing control of things and some feelings get hurt. That said, this is a popular game, and it has many positive reviews from game lovers. It is manufactured as a game for “horrible people”. If you can get pass this description, you and your group are up to the challenge.

In fact, it doesn’t really mean that the players are horrible people, but it suggests that the game is inappropriate. And it indeed is.

Without further ado, here are the rules of the game.

It is played with as many players as you like. Each player draws a card from the pile. On the card there are the inappropriate questions. Before the player himself answers the question, each of the other players should give the funniest answer they have. “The funniest answer” usually turns into making fun of everything around you. For this reason, if you believe a person could offend from the question or for being teased, look for his replacement. This is not a game for gentle souls!

Although there are many warnings, the game will make you smile more than any other game out there. However, eventually you will learn all the questions which appear on the cards. For this reason, I believe this is more of a DIY game than a game that you should by in a store. After all, by knowing all the persons in your group, you are the one who is most competent of writing the funniest questions. Choose the most controversial subjects in your group and pick questions which would lead to some inner joke you and your friends have.

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Board Games for Adults Smart AssSmart Ass

This is a game which is perfect for competitive people who are enjoying the crowd. Believe me; it would get crowdy even if you have invited only a few people to the game night. The main reason for this is because if you want to win you have to be fast and you have to yell out the correct answer in order for other players to hear you. The yelling out is not a rule, but it is more of an advice. If you don’t yell, you might lose since everyone would be speaking at once and no one will hear you. This board game for adults is basically a game with 10 main fields. These fields are actually clues which help you answer the question on the card.

The positive aspects of the game are that there are 461 questions, so it would take a while for you to memorize them. The game requires a minimum of 2 players and max of 6, although if there is a necessity, you might adapt it for more people.

The game is easy to play and it can fit in any group of people, regardless their age and character. It is also very fun and interactive. As for the educational types of people, let’s just say that they will be more than satisfied.

Board Games for Adults 5 Second Rule5 Second Rule – one of the best board games for adults

This game is for a group of people who are not handling pressure well. It will train you and your friends to work well under pressure through a game and a fun night. It contains 576 questions which appear on cards. Each player should draw a card from the pile and answer every question inside in 5 seconds. If you believe 5 seconds is a long time to name 4 birds, than think again. Many people brake under pressure. The fun in the game comes from the ridiculous answers people give under pressure. When they feel pressured to say something, the most unusual things come up.

Even though in the game description there is an information that you should play the game with minimum of three players, we are positive that you can play it with two people and still have fun.

You could choose to buy the game if you like the questions to be well thought and unfamiliar to you as well. Or you could write them yourself and make this a DIY board game. The questions could be general or if you prefer to be the inventor of the game, you could make them personal. Although, be careful with the personal questions, people could slip an information which should stay secret under pressure. Ups!

Famous people favorite game

Although it has always been a very popular game which every game player has tried, we are simply reminding you. It gained in publicity and it has become the most sold game a year ago. If you are not sure whether to buy it, Sofia Vergara and Ellen Degeneres could help you in the decision. In the link provided you could see how they play it, and whether it would be a suitable choice for your friends.


In our hectic everyday lives, we are struggling to have some pure fun as we did when we were children. Playing rejuvenates us; it makes us happy about the little things around us. Just because we are adults, it doesn’t mean we should always be serious. In fact, the opposite should be a rule in every person’s life. Have a game night with your friends and relief the pressure from your work, relationships, family commitments and other responsibilities. Games for adults do this for you. They help you relax, joke, interact and forget about the world outside as you once new so well! Pick one of the best board games for adults and forget about the world around you! Good luck playing!

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