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There are two types of trivia board game players – those who enjoy trivia, the competition, and the knowledge, and those who play because they gave into peer pressure to play. Many people do not enjoy trivia games – either because they are not good at them, or because they are afraid of not appearing smart to their fellow players. Yet, the goal of the Best Trivia Games isn’t really to find out who is smarter or quicker in a stressful situation. It’s to have a good time and enjoy yourself. And, surprisingly there are benefits to playing trivia games. Really there are.

Benefits of Playing Trivia Board Games

Even though it seems like you are having a good time with friends there are actual benefits from playing trivia, such as:

  • Enhances your memory. Even when you learn random facts that you will never use in life it helps your brain’s ability to recall things that you do need to know (except for algebra because we can all agree that was a waste). By learning new information, you are using your brain and building connections in your brain between things that you already knew to information that you have learned;
  • Helps your brain perform under pressure – when playing trivia games, you are usually given a question, a time limit, and competition (external or internal). These factors combine to make your brain, mainly in your frontal lobe, work quickly within the given parameters. This helps you think quickly and helps you recall information stored in different areas of your brain;
  • Reduction of stress – seems odd, doesn’t it? Trivia games can be stressful, but spending time with your friends and/or family reduces your stress level. And, although most of us in America see stress as a bad thing, that is not the case. Stress is necessary. It is just too much stress and stress for long periods of time which is bad for us;
  • Use it or lose it – you have heard this saying many times but it’s true even with your brain. If you don’t continue to engage your brain in learning activities, you will lose some of the functioning (for example – me and geometry).

Trivia Games are stressful, but they are fun and they are good for you. But you must find a game that is fun and exciting to enjoy it.

What are the Best Trivia Board Games?

First, you must know your opponents or team members (and if you are really competitive you should know their strengths and weaknesses). Go-Fish is a great game but it is not very challenging and is probably for a younger age group, although my 3-year-old is either stacking the deck or cheating because she beats me every time.

Best Trivia Board GamesMATTER OF FACT– The Trivia Challenge Board Game

A Trivia Challenge for those who know a lot – or those that think they know a lot;

  • Includes 3,360 questions on 240 Game Cards, a game board, game pieces, and instructions;
  • Made for ages 16 and older.

Each game card has seven questions that are around a main theme. The more questions that you answer correctly, the more spaces you move along the board. However, if you answer questions wrong you may have to move backward.


Best Trivia Board GamesTrivial Pursuit Master Edition

It is the same game that you remember from the 80s or 90s but updated;

  • 3,000 all-new questions;
  • Recommended for ages 18 and older;
  • Now includes a timer to add more pressure.
  • Also, available and you should check out:
  • Check out: Trivial Pursuit 25th Anniversary Edition.
  • Look at this edition for the Harry Potter fan in your life: TRIVIAL PURSUIT: World of Harry Potter Edition
  • What better gift for a Star Wars fan than Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars The Black Series Edition.
  • See also Trivial Pursuit: Master Game – Genus Edition


Best Trivia Board GamesSmart Ass

  • #1 Best Seller on;
  • Includes game board, 6 playing pieces and stands, 461 question cards, 2 jumbo dice, and instructions;
  • Recommended for ages 12 and older;
  • Hints lead to a word (“a who,” “what,” or “where) and whoever knows “who,” “where” or “what” can yell out the answer first;
  • Example: What am I?
  • Invented in 1913;
  • A type of fastener;
  • Usually made of metal;
  • I bridge the gap;
  • Can be fast;
  • May be dangerous – especially for men;
  • You can find me on clothing;
  • I’m common on jeans;
  • I sometimes replace buttons;
  • What am I, with the initial Z?
  • Answer: Zipper.

Insert Random Fact that makes me a winner of random trivia facts: Most zippers have a YKK on them because the largest zipper company is a Japanese company called YKK. Not only do they make zippers, but they make the machines that make zippers. Go ahead and check your zipper. I’ll wait. Yes, I will be your phone a friend on random facts that no one should know.

  • Look into the Smart Ass Tin – $10.28.
  • Not only a carrying case for the game (which would be cool), but it is more questions and answers also.

Best Trivia Board GamesKwizniac

  • The object of the game is to get as many points as possible by answering trivia questions with as few clues as possible;
  • Each card has 10 clues with the difficulty of clues decreasing as you use more clues to get to the answer;
  • It includes 2000 clues with 200 answers;
  • Kwizniac comes in two easy to carry card boxes, making it easy to travel with and a great game to play in the car;
  • Recommended for ages 12-16.




Best Trivia Board GamesTrivia Game – American Trivia Family Edition – the America Themed Family Board Game

  • This game has two levels of difficulty – one with easier questions, the junior side, and the other with harder questions, the expert side;
  • Includes 1,440 expert level questions in four different categories (geography, history, arts, and general);
  • Includes 1,080 junior level questions in three categories (geography, history, and general);
  • Made in the USA using environment-friendly links;
  • Recommended for ages 9 and older;
  • Includes six pawns, spinner, and instructions.




What are your recommendations for the Best Trivia Board Games –

What are your favorite trivia games? Did yours make our list? Do you have any to add?


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