Will Your Friend Love Playing the Carcassonne Game?

Do you dream about what it was like to live in medieval times? Have you ever wished that you could be a king or queen? If so, then the Carcassonne game may be the perfect tiled board game for you if you’re age 8 and up.

This game centers around the medieval southern French city of Carcassonne. The city is famous for its Cité de Carcassonne, a medieval fortress that is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and the breathtaking countryside of Southern France surrounding it. The players build the medieval landscape of the board throughout the game, which includes the city of Carcassonne and others set in medieval France as well.

How to Play

The Carcassonne game starts with a single terrain tile face up. The players shuffle 71 other tiles and place them face down for the players to draw from. After drawing a new tile, the player places the tile next to others that are already face up. The new tile must extend to other tiles of the same kind. For example, road tiles must connect to roads, field tiles must connect to fields, and city tiles must connect to cities.

After a player places a new tile, he or she can put a piece called “follower” on a feature of that newly placed tile. The players score cities, cloisters, and roads upon completion. A completion signifies that the tiles contain no unfinished edges and that 8 tiles surround them. At the end of the game, when no tiles remain, the players score all incomplete features. The game awards points to the players with the most followers in each feature.

You can explore this medieval world even more with Carcassone’s 7 engaging expansions. They are generally compatible with most editions, which makes them more fun for everyone. Just be cognizant when purchasing them. The newer editions aren’t always compatible with older expansions. There are 7 total expansions to choose from.

Expansions include themes like “Inns and Cathedrals”, “Traders and Builders”, “The Princess and the Dragon”, “Hills and Sheep” and many more. Each expansion takes you on a unique adventure based on its theme. They add numerous additional rules, tiles and new kinds of figures and can even double the length of the game.

The Best and Worst Features

With expansions, this game offers enough variety to appeal to players indefinitely. Carcassonne allows you to create your own medieval world, where you feel like you’re actually going on a real adventure. Ultimately, you decide what happens in your kingdom when placing different features–which is basically Carcassonne’s best feature.

Carcassonne is also a great introductory board game for kids. The game is quick, the rules are simple and there’s no reason to cry because no one ever gets eliminated. It effectively teaches beginner gamers about the roles of luck and strategy throughout the game play. These are important skills that newbies must take into account if they want to successfully win any board game.

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Amazon reviewers praised the game’s simplicity and variety because the board changes every time that you play. The competition and strategy nature will also be different in each game, which is great for beginners. You don’t even need to play Carcassonne in a big group to have fun. One reviewer wrote that the game is perfect with just 2 people too.

Most Amazon reviewers complained about low quality tiles and the game’s simplicity. One reviewer wrote that the paper on back of the tiles did not seem to be “firmly adhered” and “several tore badly”. Others that criticized the game’s simplicity wrote that it got boring only after a few plays.

Bottom Line

The random nature of this game could be at turn off for some. However, for those who love variety and construction, this game is like a match made in heaven. Because of how basic Carcassonne is, it is understandable that it may not hold everyone’s interests. It is important for any good board game to offer a challenge, and the Carcassonne game actually does. It’s board differentiates each game and there are 7 expansion options to choose from after you’ve mastered the original. So, get ready for your next medieval adventure. Carcassonne is the perfect quick game to play today with your friends and family.

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