Cards Against Humanity is unlike any other game on the market. Made by adults with a sense of humor for adults with a sense of humor, this game is an event in itself. The game lets players unleash their darker side in a battle of wits and fun. It has an emphasis on pushing your limits and allows you to make the game as fun as you want it to be.

CAH is easy to learn, easy to set up and can be played almost anywhere. The key to the game is you and your sharp, tactical wit. You can play at parties, on the move, or anywhere you want as the pack is small and portable.


Critical Reception

As well as being one of the most popular games ever sold, it also has the honor of being one of the most talked about.  It has rave reviews on Amazon and is in the top five best sellers list. More than 30,000 reviews and five star ratings it is continuing to grow at a startling rate.

This is a controversial game with both critics and fans. Fans love the game, while critics are shocked at the fans. This game is not only fun, but special in ways no other game can be.

Cards Against Humanity game set.

Make the best combinations you can.

How to Play

Cards Against Humanity take literally only a couple of minutes to learn. Each player is given ten white cards. The cards have a simple word or phrase that might be odd, funny or vague. Then the “Card Czar” reads out a black card that is either a question or a “fill the blank” statement. The player that chooses the funniest combination of black and white cards is the winner of that hand.

The funniest card is chosen by the Card Czar and this role rotates so everyone gets a chance to have a go. You win by making the funniest combo so test your own comedic skills in each round. You play for however many rounds you want (depending on player numbers) and the player who has made the most amount of “best-combos” wins! Or set your own rule for winning as the game is fun and flexible.

The game is very flexible and you can decide to change some or even all of the rules. You and the other players can choose to include your own “House Rules’. For example, players can democratically choose the winning card for each round. Or you can give points for first, second and third place. You can even trade points for new cards. many players add their own little “twists” to the rules to make it suit their group better, and you can, too.


Variants on Cards Against Humanity

You can get Cards Against Humanity in various box designs and travel pack formats. There are also a range of expansion packs available that have new questions. So the games will keep on being fun and new.

CAH also has a massive online community. Players can suggest new cards to include in the next edition, tell you about their best combinations, and even download cards to print yourself. Cards Against Humanity is also available in different country editions such as UK and US.

Why is this Game So Unique?

What makes this game so special is that the input and game play comes entirely from the players. Each new game will be completely different. As you play, you start to push your boundaries, getting funnier and more daring with each turn. No other game gives you the opportunity to use your wits so quickly and readily.

The designers of this game (a group of eight friends), not only put their humor into it, but also a vision. While most modern games are electronic and expensive, this is a simple back to basics game that has swept the world.

A event in itself.

An Event in Itself

The reason that Cards Against Humanity is so wildly popular is that people the world over are having “Card Parties”. The game is now the point of the party. People invite their friends over to have a few drinks, some snacks and to match wits in healthy, riotous fun. It guarantees that any party will be huge fun and your guests will love it. The more you play, the more your guests get more daring and inventive. It works well with old friends or as an ice-breaker with new people.

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