Continuum Games’ release of Catan 5th Edition is an exciting new addition to the Settlers of Catan range. The adventure continues with new game play, new campaigns and updated features. GameCon calls it “The Game of the Century”. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs play it at their meetings. Available in 30 languages. And more than 20 million copies have been sold worldwide.

It is so popular in the United States that the Washington Post calls it “The game of our time”. It really is one of the most popular games in existence. This game is great for young and old alike and has left its cultural mark on the world.

The Story

Like all good games, This one comes with a back story. You and your friends play as settlers in a new land. Players have to build and grow your resources and expand your settlement. You can trade with other players and develop healthy competition.With great game play and story development, it has unique and engaging features. Even the famous “Robber”.

The Evolution of Catan

In 1995, Klaus Teuber’s concept game was released to worldwide acclaim and was the first German game to get international exposure.During its first year of sales its first year it was the winner of Spiel des Jahres Game of the Year Award. Since then it has gone from strength to strength. In 2015, it won the Game of the Century Award at the Los Vegas GameCon. It has won numerous awards in between, too. The Settlers of Catan was so popular that famous historical novelist, Rebecca Gablé actually wrote a 2003 novel, Die Siedler von Catan.

How to Play Catan

Catan 5th Edition is a strategy and tactics game that was the precursor to the 4 X game formula: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. You play with between two and four players and the goal is to amass as many territories and resources as you can. It is set on hexagonal game boards that link together and contain various resources. Use your smart to expand your settlement and gather resources.

The game invites you to use your imagination and try to think, feel and plan as a real new settler would. Game play is fast (and sometimes tense) and good players can finish a match in about an hour.

Catan board

Catan is one of the world’s most popular games.

Who Should Play Catan?

The manufacturers say that the Settlers of Catan Junior edition is suitable for children over the age of 6. However, the other editions, while it is possible for children to play and enjoy, adults will get a lot more out of it. This game will appeal to anyone who enjoys healthy competition and strategic thinking. It’s good for three to four players but with the expansion packs you can play with five or six. Although it doesn’t suggest so in the Catan literature, there are ways to play Catan with only two players. But this does limit the trading element.

Playing Catan is so big in Silicon Valley, that playing it used as an ice-breaker before meetings. The addictive quality of play and the captivation it provides make it ideal for any situation

The Expansion of Catan

Since its release, there have been many new iterations and expansion packs. This 5th Edition Catan is the latest and the best to date. There are four official base expansion games available at present. Seafarers, Cities and Knights, Traders and Barbarians, and Explorers and Pirates. Each game connects to the original game to add player possibilities, new campaigns and more.There are also hugely popular Catan Stand-Alone Editions that follow similar game play but in different environments. There’s even a Star Trek edition.

There is even a massive online world for Catan. Not only fan communities, but online worlds with millions of people playing. Both Xbox and PC have versions of Catan and you can also play on your mobile device.


If you are looking for a high energy tactical game that will challenge you, look no further. The latest Catan 5th Edition not only has all the fun dimensions of before but also has new features and game quirks. This is ideal for playing at home, to open a business meeting or in fact anywhere people enjoy good games.

This is more than just a game. It is part of a worldwide community of people who love challenging and thought-provoking adventure.

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