There are many ways on how you can spend time as a couple. You can always go on dinner dates, have a movie marathon, or visit a different place every few months. In case you are on tight budget, you can always plan couples game night.

Here’s the thing: having game nights can be tricky, especially if kids are around. Before you bring out your favorite board games, check out these tips on how to plan your game night:

Couples Game Night Means Planning Early

Whether you’re planning to bring friends over or you simply want to go solo you’re your partner, reparation is key to make game nights fun, exciting, and successful. Therefore, make sure you plan early. Write down the games you want to play and borrow or buy board games you plan to use. If you want to bring friends over, make sure to inform them at least two week before so they can block the date.

Don’t Forget the Sitter – Or Your Mother-in-Law – to Take Care of the Kids

You can always bring the kids to your parents or in-laws to get the house all to yourselves on game nights. If you have couple friends who plan to bring their kids too, set the kids up in another room and hire someone to look after them so you can focus on the game.

Encourage Fun and Friendly Competition

Couples game night doesn’t always have to be you and your spouse versus the other couples. Let’s try to keep it fun and more exciting, say battle of the sexes. Plus, this will allow you to get to know your friends and your partner even better. Keep it fun and clean please.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Couples game night is fun even if it’s just you and your man. Still, consider having some couple friends over on some nights as well. Since you are having friends in your home, make sure they are comfortable. Keep the temperature cool, mingle before you start with the games, and make sure you break the ice.

Since you want your guests comfortable, don’t forget to read the next tip.

Snacks Matter, Especially on Game Nights

Who doesn’t want food on game nights? Surely, you want to bond with friends or even with your partner alone, but make sure you have something to munch on.

In that case, prepare light and bite-sized snacks. You can serve store-bought cookies, muffins, or chips to fill you all up during game nights. If you love to bake, try preparing themed snacks like Scrabble rice krispies or Dominoes cookies. Your guests will surely love it.  Check out “Choosing the Best Game Night Snacks” for even more great ideas.

Now that you made the necessary arrangement, here are fun games you can try with your fellow couple friends:Couple Game Night with the Gang

  • Know Your Partner– This is a classic game for every couples game night. All you have to do is to answer questions while your partner guesses your answer. This game will allow you to get to know each other a little bit more as you discover something new.
  • Hedbanz for Adults – In this game, you have to wear a headband with a card attached to it. The card contains a word, which you have to guess by asking questions. Make sure you guess it before the time runs out.
  • Charades in Reverse – Instead of one person acting out a word, one person has to name as many words as they can in one minute while the team acts out.
  • More Dirty Minds – This is the second version and naughtier than the first edition. The good thing about this game is that by asking a question alongside “naughty clues,” you will be able to see whose spouse has a “dirty mind” according to their answers. It’s fun too.
  • Size Matters – This is a humorous game that allows you and your partner to prove that yours is the longest, thickest, and biggest things in life. Apparently, size does matter.

Need Some Alone Time?

Let’s say you want to spend more time with your partner. That’s fine. There are many games you can do that allow you to make your relationship better. Here are game night ideas you can try with your man or woman:

  • 5 Second Rule – Are you watching Ellen Degeneres’ show? Ellen loves playing games with her guests and one of the popular ones is the 5-second rule. Pick a card and make sure to be able to name three of whatever is being asked for five seconds. You’ll have tons of laughs with your partner too.
  • Baffle Gab – Are you ready to write your next story? Make sure you’ll be able to do so in five words while using the game’s cards. This one is timed too, so make it a good one.
  • Chess with a Twist Chess may be a game of strategy, but this doesn’t mean you can’t keep it sexy. For a twist, consider taking off a piece of clothing for every piece taken, excluding pawns. You can keep it “wholesome” too and just think of something naughty after.
  • Authenticity – This is one of the best relationship board games you can do with your partner. Whether you are dating, engaged, or recently got married, the questions from every category will help you discover something new and exciting from your mate.
  • Battle of the Sexes – It’s all about bragging rights for this one. The good thing about this type of game is that you can be creative. You can go for the good ol’ trivia game or make use of your gaming console and have a video night. If you don’t mind getting dirty, no pun intended, go for an outdoor game. The ideas are endless so make sure you keep it as creative as possible.

Don’t limit yourselves with these games. There are many game night ideas worth trying that could range from classic to something naughty. The important thing is the experience you will gain and the new things you will learn about your partner and your friends too.

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