Doctor Who is a popular television franchise. It not only has its core TV show which is a global brand broadcast all over the world; it also has a growing franchise behind it. There are spin-off shows, hugely popular books and even songs that continue to build the Doctor’s appeal. One of the key areas of the Doctor Who industry growth is in games. Doctor Who board games are popular and have long been a family favourite (especially as Christmas presents). In this review, we’ll look at some of the most popular Doctor Who games on the market as well as their game play.

Spins on Classic Games:

As with any franchise, a key area of growth is innovating old games for a new generation.

Doctor Who Cluedo: The Hunt for Gallifrey

As with the original Cluedo, the game involves you using deductive reasoning to try and win the game in a turn by turn setting. Made by Hasbro, the mission involves finding the Doctor’s home world of Gallifrey and also outsmarting your opponents.  Instead of the six usual suspects with six traditional weapons, The Hunt for Gallifrey presents us with six of the Doctor’s famous enemies with super weapons. The aim is to find who has the key to finding Gallifrey.

This is a popular game. It has the classic elements of Cluedo but with extras for the Doctor Who fans. If you or your family are Doctor Who fans, then this is a good game. Use your deductive skills in the Doctor’s universe for traditional family fun. Suitable for 2-6 players ages 8 and upwards.

Trivial Pursuit Dr Who 50th Anniversary Edition

Do you think you have all the key details of the Doctor’s long life? Can you remember who did what and when? What are the worlds, weapons and story lines that link with each Doctor? If you can remember these details, then this is the game for you. Trivial Pursuit is one of the best-selling games in the world and has a lot of “info-specific” spin-offs. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Edition combines classic Trivial Pursuit gaming with fun facts from the world of the Doctor.

This is not the complete set. It is a companion piece to the original Trivial Pursuit, so you need to play on your original board. The set has over 600 questions and also game wedges. The set can be used easily as a travel game. It comes in a small box and is ideal for transporting. Suitable for 2 or more players ages 12 and upwards.

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Original Concept Doctor Who Board Games:

Doctor Who is one of the most innovative shows on TV. It always (just like the Doctor himself) keeps itself fresh and new. The game designers are no different.

Doctor Who – The Time Wars Board game

This game is for die-hard Doctor Who fans who are familiar with the universe. At the beginning, the players get a mission card that tells them how many enemies they need to collect as they travel through time. You play against others that have their own missions to complete. It is a turn-based game with lots of features that keep things interesting. The board “flips” when players roll a double or land on a specific location, this can upset strategies and makes you “think on your feet”. This is a completely new game that is engaging not only for its Doctor Who aspects but also for

The trivia questions are all from the season 10 Doctor Who (Matt Smith) and require knowledge of the episodes and characters. It can be played quickly (games lasting 30 to 60 minutes) and easily set up. Suitable for 2-6 players ages 8 and upwards.

Doctor Who – The Interactive Electronic Board Game

This Doctor Who game combines traditional board play with interactive components. The purpose is to collect items as you travel through time. It has the standard opponent play where you are racing against others to be the winner and includes interactive sound features that help the game play progress. The kit contains some great pieces like Daleks and a Tardis that Doctor Who collectors will really appreciate. They are well crafted and colourful and help with the whole engagement of the game.

This is an original game that has positive reviews and is good not just for die-hard fans but also for people who just like board games. It is easy to set up and the game moves fast. The game is recommended for players ages 7 and up, and the Tardis Electronic Model requires 3 x AAA batteries which are not supplied.

Doctor Who merchandise

Doctor Who shop with branded products.


Doctor Who DVD Board Game

The DVD board game is great for fans and also newcomers to the Doctor Who Universe. It has a fairly standard dice rolling and question format but with added DVD excerpts that help make the game engaging. Players roll the die for moving and for challenging and then have options for questions. Some questions are on cards, some on the DVD and observational. Most of the DVD questions are from the new seasons of Doctor Who and involve different levels of difficulties.

You can play in a fairly short time which is good for child engagement or even a longer game for adults. It comes with lots of good trivia questions and some interesting board pieces. Suitable for 2-6 players ages 8 and upwards.

Doctor Who: The Card Game

There are many card games on the market. This Doctor Who card game has good pictures and also adds a unique “Whovian” twist to the playing. You can play as either the Doctor or one of his companions and the enemies include Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans. Each player starts the game with a location card. The deck card consists of attackers, defenders, locations and support cards which players can draw from.

This is a very popular game that won the 2013 Origins Awards Best Traditional Card Game Winner award. It has really good graphics combined with interesting game play features. The game is good for 2 to 4 players, although 4 is the best and is suitable for people aged 13 and upwards.


There are many more Doctor Who board games available on the market with new ones coming out every year.  If you are looking for a game that engages the family and keeps interest high, then one of the Doctor Who theme games is probably the right choice for you.


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