Did you know that parents are spending less time with their children? According to researchers from Ohio State University, most modern parents are spending less time on their kids than they actually think. It could be because of too much work that leaves us exhausted to even read a bedtime story. We can all change that with the help of family game night ideas.

The concept is simple, but these 10 game night ideas will surely help put the fun and bond back in every family:

Make It a Night of Board Games as Part of Family Game Night Ideas

One of the simplest yet best ways to spend time with the family is by playing board games. It develops teamwork among the members and helps develop the social skills in each and every one of us.

Don’t just limit yourself with Monopoly. Since we are all after a fun game night, try these great family board games too:

  • Telepathy – This is a type of grid game that requires deduction skills.
  • Q-Bitz – This game is about building patterns; thus great for developing the kids’ special reasoning skills.
  • DiXit – If you want to keep it artistic, this board game can be a great addition in the list.

Let’s say you are not into board games, that’s fine. You can check the next sections for fun family game night ideas.

Explore Each Other’s Creativity with Lego Creationary

This game may be designed for players age seven and up, but don’t take this for granted. It is an excellent way to show off and exhibit building skills based on four building categories: vehicles, things, nature, and building. Whoever uses the most Legos at the end of the game is the winner.

You Can Never Go Wrong with these Classic Games

You might be after fun family game nights ideas, but make sure you still have time for the classic ones:

If you want to keep everybody in the house moving, check out the other game night ideas below.

Go for a Scavenger Hunt with Just Pen and Paper

Game nights don’t have to be expensive and complicated. If you want to keep things simple and fun while getting every member of the family moving, try scavenger hunt.

In this game, divide the family into two teams where each team has to go to a specific room. Agree on a number and create a list of items that the other team has to find. Exchange list and whoever completes it first is the winner. Don’t forget to read the list on the little ones so they can help find items too.

Speaking of little ones, check out the next section to find out what you can do during game nights.

Game Night Ideas with the Little Ones

Who says game nights are only for the big kids? Apparently, creating lasting memories knows no age. If the little ones are around, here are some ideas worth trying that will surely keep them excited:

  • Memory games, which you can adjust according to your child’s age.Family Game Night Ideas Playing Candy Land
  • Candyland, a kind of game that reinforces color recognition on kids.
  • Cranium Hullabaloo where kids can jump, spin, and bounce between colorful pads.

If your kids want to show off their creative side, then this next game night idea could be a great addition in your list.

Make Your Own Silly Story

All you need is a pen and a big sheet of paper. Each member will draw something on the paper and tell his or her part of the story. Then, the next member will add draw something and continue the story until everyone had his or her part.

It doesn’t have to be something silly. The important thing is the fun behind the story.

What if you have older kids? Don’t worry. There are more family game night ideas below.

Get to Know Each Other Better with a Game Called “Would You Rather?

This is a great game during family reunions. In this game, all players move to one side of the room and an “It” will ask a question. Then, an option will be given and all the players will go on their chosen side. Try to make the questions as fun and creative as possible, so you can get to know each other better.

Clue: A Classic Mystery Game You Shouldn’t Miss

Do you have tweens or teens in the house? This game is perfect for you.

In this game, each member of the family is assigned character, location, and weapon. Through deductive reasoning, find out which weapon, character, and location are in the secret file. Whoever guessed it first wins the game.

Talk about strategy and focus, don’t you think?  

Have a Camp Out in the Backyard

Family game night doesn’t always have to be about cards, board games, and solving a mystery. Sometimes, all we need is some time together as one family. Since we are all after fun, why not have a camp out in the backyard?

Bring out the tents, sleeping mats, hotdogs on sticks, and S’mores and spend the rest of the night telling stories, reminding each other of childhood, and enjoying food. Perhaps, you can try this next game during your camp out.

Play the Game of Things – with a Twist

All you need is a pen and paper on this one.

In this game, one family member is “it” and will say a statement that requires thing as an answer. Then, the rest of the family will write the thing in a piece of paper, which the It will read out loud. As each answer is read, the rest of the family members must guess who wrote such answer. Whoever guesses it right gets a point and the person whose answer was guessed will be out. It’s a last man standing game too.

Are you ready to host family game nights? Don’t forget the food so that everyone else will truly enjoy and have fun.

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