If you’re familiar with strategy games, then the Forbidden Stars Board Game is worth a look.  It’s a great game that involves 2 to 4 players, four iconic factions (you’ll learn more about those in a moment), and about an hour and a half of playing time. Set in the lost city place of Herakon Cluster, treasures and planets await eager pioneers willing to conquer.


How Forbidden Stars Works

In this game, players collect armies of plastic soldiers and fight battles. The Forbidden Stars Board Game has a rich setting for players – a dark gothic universe with a diverse alien population. The factions will mobilize their fleets and race for the prize. The four factions include the Space Marines, the Eldar of Craftworld Lyanden, the Evil Sunz Ork, and the World Eaters Warband of the Chaos Space Marines. Every faction has their own unique army and play style. But, the goal shared among each faction is universal, every faction will try to claim the objective tokens. The Herakon Cluster is surrounded by objective tokens, but the opponents can keep the objectives from you.

Commanding Your Faction

When you choose your faction, you’ll command different ground units to gain control of planets and repel invasions. Every round, as demonstrated previously, involves players placing order tokens and resolving them in interesting ways. If players put down two or more orders on the same section of the board, they have to form a stack with the most recent token on top. When players have finished with their commands for their turn, then the chips are turned over and the order tokens are used.

In the Forbidden Stars Board game, you’ll definitely have to time your actions and watch your opponents’ moves carefully. In addition, controlling planets is a pivotal part of this game. As we mentioned, they will allow you to obtain valuable resources – this will help grow and fuel your empire. In addition, material points will allow you to produce new units. Forge tokens let you build the battle ships and reinforcements give your forces a boost on the battlefield.

Game Round Phases

Each round in this game is divided into three phases. The first one is the Planning Phase, where players take turns placing order tokens face down on the titles or ‘systems.’ The four types of order tokens are the four types of actions players will take advantage of in the second phase. The second phase, Operations, is where players use their order tokens – the Strategize token, the Dominate token, Deploy, and Advance. The Dominate token will allow players to drain a planet of their resources. A Strategize token is used to obtain cards that allow you to upgrade orders or combat. A Deploy order will allow players to build cities, factories and units. Then, the Advance order will move units and attack the enemies. The very last phase is called the Refresh. This is where players will be able to get their rewards form the planets they controlled. They will reveal event cards and heal any units that were wounded in battle.

Game play for Forbidden Stars Board Game

The long grueling process

As you can tell, with the three phases – this is a long strategy game. The typical time period is 120 to 180 minutes. One disadvantage that may halt the purchase of the Forbidden Stars Board Game is that it takes so long to complete. If you’re the kind of person that loses interest after an hour of playing a game, then this board game probably won’t work out for you.


This is a deep strategy game that will allow you to build ships, recruit troops, and fight relentlessly. Using the time to do all these things will take a lot of brain power and time. Especially if you’re playing with more than 1 player, this game can last a while. But, this can be a good thing if you’re all about taking the time for a good strategy game. The great thing about the Forbidden Stars Board Game is that there’s so much! There’s so much to do – so much strategy, timely actions, and planning put into this game. Deciding when to use the order tokens, finding out how much material points you’ll need for units, and figuring out how you’re going to fight these bloody battle is a lot. So, good luck! If you plan on getting this game, you can find it on Amazon for about $40. And if you’re not interested – well, there’s other strategy games out there.


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