For a 2010 JoTa Best Game Released in Brazil Nominee, Risk Board Game is not a bad choice to pick up and store in your game shelves. There’s no doubt that Risk Board Game is one of the most popular war games on the planet. And the ultimate goal? Conquering the world. If you like a good war game with strategy, then you’ve made a good decision by considering Risk Board Game. Find out more by reading Gaming Evening’s review.

Risk Board Game is played with 2 to 6 players, with about 2 hours of playing time. Each players’ turn allows them to attain valuable reinforcements. For instance, they can control every territory, turn sets of bonus cards, or use the reinforcements from the number of territories they have in possession. Players will attack each other by simply competing for the highest dice rolled. You can choose to attack whenever you want. When an enemy territory has been taken – the player gains a bonus card.

The Components

The components in Risk Board Game may vary, depending on the edition, but usually they contain plastic miniature soldiers (which are nicely crafted), cannons, horses, and 5 dice. There are 3 red and 2 blue (colors may vary). Also with the game, there comes a nice deck of cards. If you are playing the secret mission variant, which we will discuss a bit later, then you’ll have a deck of mission cards. The Risk Board Game also comes with a world map – displaying countries and their territories you’ll compete to conquer.

There are 6 complete sets of armies, and each one contains 3 domination army pieces. There’s is the Infantry, which is worth 1; the Cavalry, which is worth 5 infantry; and the Artillery, which is worth 10 infantry or 2 calvary. You start the game by placing the Infantry pieces, and then later – you’ll trade in for Calvary or Artillery (depending on how many Infantry you have).


How it Works

The Risk Board Game is a world map. Six continents are divided into 42 territories, and along the bottom edge – there are numbers that indicate how many armies a player receives when he/she takes it over and trades in his/her cards. Don’t hesitate to grow a big and powerful army – you’ll need to become conqueror of the entire world. You can increase you force by earning cards through conquering territories. You’ll need good strategies to win this game. An additional point to note is to go for the whole continents instead of ‘bits.’

The Risk Board Game



When you play Risk Board Game, think smart. Think defense, think about the map, and think about your enemies. This is a long strategic game – no doubt, and the playing time should give you a plenty long period to strategize well. For instance, don’t leave your border defenses hanging as you attack your opponent’s(s) territory. Attack wisely. In addition, study the map well. For instance, some countries like Argentina or Japan will be difficult to attack – but others, for instance Russia or China, won’t. Don’t count on a cheat sheet for strategies – take your time!


The more armies you get – the better. And the more attacks you make (wisely, of course), the more control you have during the game. Whether you’re on the attack or defend position, you should aim to roll the most dice possible. This game, hence the name, is about risk. Think wisely and take those few risks, throughout the game, to conquer. Of course, that’s if you play the game. This is a just a bit of background information and guidelines about the Risk Board Game. You decide whether this is your type of game or not.

For instance, many might consider this a ‘family game,’ but it’s a long and ruthless war game. Maybe, one should consider Battlelore. Another con to point out is – this game will take, if not hours, days to complete. If your attention span is not long enough to sit through this war game, then you might want to consider another option.

But, of course if you enjoy a good long strategic game – then, by all means, choose Risk Board Game. It’s a great option and perfect way to spend time with other friends interested in risk, strategy, and war. You can find Risk Board Game on Amazon and other sellers for about $20.

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