Game lovers have adored the Sequence board game since 1982. However, don’t think that it’s too easy to win this classic. You have to develop a concrete strategy to win this favorite board and card game.

How to Play Sequence Board Game

Sequence’s game rules may intimidate some at first glance, but don’t worry. It’s easy enough, but also challenging enough for all ages.

The object of the Sequence board game is to form rows of 5 poker chips on the board.The board shows all of the cards in two standard 52 card decks, except for the Jacks. You arrange the cards in a 10X10 fashion and the four corners are free spaces–you better take advantage of those! Once set up, place the chips on the board spaces that correspond to cards that you play.Two-eyed Jacks are wild, and one-eyed Jacks allow you to remove an opponent’s checker.. The players compete to create rows, columns or diagonals of 5 connected checkers–they lay these on the cards. The game ends when someone reaches a specified number of connections depending whether there is two or three players or teams.

Strategy Tips

To win the Sequence board game successfully, you must take advantage of good luck and try to block your opponent. Sequence is a game that requires you to think ahead. You need to understand luck’s role in the game play in order to have success. Ultimately, you have no control over your hand of cards, or drawing ones. Think fast! This means that your plans may constantly need to change as the game progresses. The bottom line is that luck is either in your favor or not. It’s always good to have a backup plan.

The best plays are made when you place your chips as close together as possible toward the center of the board. This allows the sequences to grow in more than one direction, which increases your chances of winning the game. Since sequences can run diagonally, horizontally and vertically, placing the chips near each other allows tSequence game boardhem to be part of more than one potential sequence, kind of like in the word board game Scrabble. Placing chips toward the center of the board is advantageous. If the sequence is blocked at one end, you can still add to the other.

It is also important to hold onto some cards of promising sequences in your hand. Otherwise, your opponent will eventually get a chance to block you. Try to build sequences that you think won’t be too successful at first, so that you prevent your opponent from truly understanding your intentions. It’s especially important to hoard two-eyed jacks because you can play anywhere on the board. It’s actually better to use them to finish sequences, rather than in blocking your opponent. The only exception is if the other player or team is about to win and you have no choice.

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The Best and Worst Features

One Amazon reviewer wrote that Sequence game is easily learned, “but there’s definitely some strategy employed to be successful”, especially for kids. It’s definitely unlikely for children to have the same strategy skills as their parents. Nevertheless, this game is good practice for them. According to The Power of Play- A Research Summary on Play and Learning, at a very basic level, adults can enrich a child’s environment when they provide objects or experiences that promote aspects of a curriculum. Sequence Game encourages players to use logic in every part of the game. Therefore, it is a great learning tool for not just grade-school kids, but also for middle schoolers and high schoolers too.

Amazon reviewers said skill and luck aspects of the game are what continue to make it fun. You continue to improve your skill every time that you play. Some negative reviewers complained about the layout of the board–they wrote that it was too small and that the card arrangement isn’t user friendly. The blue and green game chips are also both very dark. Therefore, they are not the easiest to differentiate between in certain lighting conditions.

The Bottom Line

Sequence is a great beginner game for board and card game newbies. It prepares young kids and teens for more advanced games like Scrabble or even poker. Most people on Amazon had nothing bad to say about Sequence’s game play, which proves that it’s not boring at all. Your game strategy will evolve immensely after playing this a few times.

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