Need a good board game that will test your witty skills and strategy? Step into Sherlock Homes’ shoes by playing the new Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper and West End! This games gives you plenty of opportunities to show off your intelligence and discipline. The game, which takes about an hour to two, will definitely give players a taste of Sherlock Holmes’ mysterious Victorian London.

First of all, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper and West End Adventures, is a continuation and expansion of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. This version adds ten more cases to be solved. It includes six independent ‘West End Adventures’ cases and four new cases related to Jack the Ripper murders. In addition, the game includes a ‘London Directory,’ map and newspapers to help with the case. These props are a great additional feature to the game.

Get Ready to Solve

Now, let’s look into the cases:

Jack the Ripper Features:

  • Mary Ann Nichols
  • Annie Chapman
  • Elizabeth Stride
  • Catherine Eddowes
  • Mary Jane Kelly

West End Adventures:

  • The Strange Case of Dr. Goldfire
  • The Murder of Sherlock Holmes
  • A Case of Identity
  • The Death of a Transylvanian Count
  • A Royal Huggermugger at the Savage Club
  • A Simple Case of Murder

We would inform you about each of these cases – but then that would ruin the game! You’ll have to gain more information by reading each case yourself. Don’t worry, it will be worth it! Suspense, mystery, and a knack of ingenuity will keep this game running smoothly. It’s a fun way to spend time by yourself or, of course, family and friends.


How it Works

For a game that takes an hour to two to complete – don’t worry, you’ll enjoy every minute! In fact, you’ll need to use all that time. When going over cases, there are plenty of newspapers to look through. If you don’t fancy seeing yourself sitting through a hour or longer game, whether you’re playing by yourself or with others, then this game might not be your first option.

One of the great things about Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper and West End board game is that it’s very interactive. This game, that can be played from 1 to 8 players, is definitely a great way for family or friends to spend plenty of time together. And because every case takes about an hour – that’s at least 15 hours of entertainment to enjoy! If you’re tired of playing Connect Four and other board games repeatedly – you’ll get something different every time you play Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper and West End board game. In addition, each case with this game is original – and memorable as well.

The props and components are also presented in a nice fashion. The essential tools you’ll need for the game includes a rulebook, a double-sided map (of London and Map of Whitechapel), a London Directory, 10 case books, and 10 newspapers (one for each case).

With the map, you and/or other players, will use this to help you find the addresses of each location. It will also be used to confirm any alibis for potential suspects. After the addresses are obtained from the map, the London Directory will allow players to receive a full list of residents and businesses throughout the city. The newspapers, for each case, has information that will help the players find leads and crack the case.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective West End Adventures


The experience with Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper and West End Adventures Standalone board game simply fantastic. If you play this game, you’ll gain a fun period of educating and fun time. In addition, there’s even historical notes on the board game for each selection. Each of those six independent cases will be a new way to gain unexpected knowledge on leads and solutions.

You’ll have to take advantage of each case – because there won’t be any going back to the cases. The cases are ‘one-time circumstances.’ So, if you’re interested in solving the cases repeatedly, then this might be a disadvantage. You’ll have to stick with the 6 cases – and if you’re up for more, then get the first edition of Sherlock Holmes! You can check out more strategy games on Amazon and other sources. Find Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper and West End Adventures Standalone Game and start playing. Enjoy the game!

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